À la carte

Fish and shellfish restaurant in the Gothenburg archipelago

Seasonal flavours in a new composition

With a focus on seasonal raw ingredients, the chefs play with flavours to create beautiful and delicious “classics with a twist”. This means we change our menu every month! But even if we are a full-on fish restaurant, the chefs are incredibly skilled at special requests, as long as the preference is not for meat. Ordering an utterly delicious vegetarian or vegan option is always possible.

Selected menu packages

Is your party large or are you having a hard time deciding? Then we’ve made choosing a truly delicious meal simple. Our complete menu suggestion includes a starter, main, dessert and if desired, a carefully selected drink package.

Tullhusets Á la carte

from 29th of June to 30th of August


Whitefish roe from Vänern 195:-
Potato- & Västerbottencheese terrin – Potato crisp – Pickled Red onion – Chives – Lemo

Seafoodsoup 179:-
Chilimarinated Langoustines – Baguette

Tullarsandwich 159:-
Mayonnaise based shrimp salad – Homemade dark bread


(served in limited quantity)

Seafood Plate 429:-
200g shrimp – 300g langoustine -Blue clams cooked in white wine – Lemon aioli – Baguette

Fresh Shrimp 225:-
200g fresh shrimp – Lemon aioli – Baguette

Fresh Langoustines 175:-
300g fresh langoustines – Lemon aioli – Baguette

Organic Mussels from Bohuslän 159:-
Cooked in cream and beer – Fennel – Lime leaves – Garlic – Onion – Parsley – Baguette

Odds and ends

Tullhuset’s Shrimp Sandwich 199:-
125g shrimps peeled by hand – Lettuce – Egg – Mayonnaise – Local White Bread

Tullhuset’s Shrimp Salad 199:-
125g shrimps peeled by hand – Romaine lettuce- Shrimp – Caesar dressing – Grated parmesan – Garlic croutons – Salmoncrumb
Shrimps and Salmon can be excluded for a vegetarian dish

Garlic Bread 65:-

Bread basket 29:-

Main Courses

Oven baked Cod 329:-
Mussel sauce – Potato cake – Grilled garlic flower – Mussels – Pickled tomatoes

Grilled Trout 295:-
Summer vegetables – Lemon pearls – Browned buttercream – New potatoes

Fish of the Day 279:-
Browned butter – Grated horseradish – Shrimp – New potatoes

Tullhuset’s Fish Soup 245:-
White fish – Shrimp – Potato – Leek – Carrot –
Saffron – Crème fraiche – Blue Mussel – Baguette

Portobello 235:-
Halloumi cheese – Herbal oil – Potato cake – Grilled garlic flower –
Mussels – Pickled tomatoes


Tullhuset’s swiss meringue 110:-
French chocolate meringue – Old-fashioned organic vanilla ice cream –
Fresh blueberries – Homemade caramel sauce – Roasted almonds

Limepannacotta 97:-
Raspberry – Raspberrysauce – Mint – Licoricechip

Chocolate Terrine  97:-
Homemade Caramel Sauce – Roasted White Chocolate – Fresh Berries

Old-fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream 97:-
Organic ice cream from Lejonet & Björnen – Strawberry´s – Whipped Cream

Double Chocolate Truffle 69:-
White truffle with Passionfruit – Dark truffle with Pear

Irish Coffee 99:-/139:-
Irish whisky – Coffee – Whipped cream

For those who wish we also offer avec and other delicious coffee drinks

Children’s Menu

Tullhuset’s Fish Soup 125:-
White fish – Shrimp – Potato – Leek – Carrot -Saffron – Crème fraiche – Baguette

Pirate burger 95:-
Fishburger – Pirate sauce – cucumber – carrot – Baguette –  New Potatoe

Small Pancakes 75:-
Jam – Whipped cream

Half portion
Any of the main courses or the shrimp sandwich for
half the price

Ice cream 49:-
One scoop of ecological vanilla ice cream – Chocolate sauce

Drink package

Our drink suppliers have tasted the menu and selected wines that pair especially well. We also serve our “Tullhuset” house beer, which Preben developed with local brewery Hönöbryggeriet. This floral lager is brewed with Nelson Sauvignon hops and pairs wonderfully with fish and shellfish.