Opening hours

We are open year round

We are open most days throughout the year. We spice up Friday evenings with entertainment, happy hours, tasting menus or other themes, which may cause variation in our opening hours. During the winter holidays and in summer, we also have slightly modified hours. But one thing is certain: the times in our online booking system are always accurate.

Our opening hours over the year

May – August

All days 12.00-23.00


September – November

Mon – Fri 11.30-14.00, 18.00-22.00
Sat 12.00-22.00
Sun 12.00-18.00

Special opening hours:

Christmas dinner & Christmas lunch

Hours for our seats

Mon – fri 11.30, 14.00 & 19.00
Sat 13.00 & 19.00
Sun 13.00 & 19.00

January – April

Mon – fri 11.30-14.00, 18.00-22.00
Sat 12.00-22.00
Sun 12.00-20.00

Special opening hours: