Shellfish menu

Shellfish menu 575:- (10 person minimum, must be reserved in advance)

Our seafood buffet is very much appreciated by those who want to have a luxurious buffet. Below you can read what is included in the buffet.

Fresh Crayfish, Fresh Shrimp, Mussels cooked in white wine, Half Crab, Västerbotten Cheese Pie, Seafood Pate, Hot Smoked Salmon, Green Salad, Lemon Aioli, Mayonnaise, Caviar Sauce, Homemade Dark Bread, Sourdough Pain Rich, Butter & Lemon

Optional for the Shellfish buffet

Herring Cuts 30: –

Lobster soup 125: –

Half lobster, price after season

Coffe Sweets 59: –

Local Eggdessert 65: –

Dessert from the menu 79: –

If you have further wishes, it is always possible to contact us.