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 2. Good for both residents and visitors

Those who live around us are our primary target group, for whom we create offers and events throughout the year. In order for the whole society to survive, we entrepreneurs need to cooperate and hire each other. For example, we always hire local artisans and work closely with the tourist companies on the islands, as well as of course Andreas at Öckeröpôjka, who delivers the fish to us.

We have a dream


We dream of full house all year round with our planet's best interests in mind. To get there we follow the four principles of the Hållbarhetsklivet sustainability initiative.

3. More visitors when and where places are not full

 We want to get more people to see the charm of our fantastic local environment all year round, therefore we make sure that a lot of fun happens in Tullhuset all year. As our dream says – Our vision is to have full house all year round. 

4. More full-time jobs and more resilient businesses

By filling the restaurant all year round, we create jobs all year round, we can thus employ more people on an annual basis. In high season, we supplement with young enthusiastic people, mainly from the islands. Over the years, we have received confirmation that we are an attractive workplace by our permanent staff staying for a long time and the extra staff returning from year to year.

 1. As little unnecessary environmental impact as possible

We are a purely farmed fish and shellfish restaurant with vegetarian elements, which results in relatively low co-emissions. We work hard to ensure that the guests receives the best possible raw materials, produced and refined in Western Sweden in collaboration with local producers and in an environmentally sound manner. In this way, our food is seasonal, local, and often organic.

That's the way we are!

At Tullhuset, we are welcoming, personal and committed to each other, guests, partners and our planet.

​"We ​​are a small part of the big thing and work for the good of the planet."

"Appreciation changes the world."

Our mission & calling

Serving fish & shellfish, smiles and culinary joy to islanders and more distant visitors is our mission and calling.

The food experience we provide must be something beyond what people do at home, and we always strive for the best ingredients, as locally produced as possible.

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